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Laptop Repair is your local, family owned computer repair shop.

Despite our name we work on Desktops, PCs, Apple computers and, of course, Laptops.

We offer a Free Diagnostic to every one of our clients and various Hardware & Software services.

For more information please check out our site, stop by or give us a call at the number below! We look forward to serving you!

Repairs & Services

Laptop Repair offers a large variety of computer repair options at both of our convenient locations.

Whether you live in the Denver / Centennial area or a little south in Castle Rock, Laptop Repair is your place for both Software & Hardware repairs. We work knowledgeably on both Mac & PC products.

Check out our top repairs below, but also know that we are capable of so much more!

Stop by one of our locations for a Free Diagnostic today!

Laptop Repair almost always begins our repair process with a Free Diagnostic, because sometimes the seemingly obvious turns out to be something quite different. Let us figure out whether your are in need of a Software or Hardware fix.
Life happens, whether it was dropped, stepped on, or who knows what. We can repair your broken screen, hinge, or any other faulty hardware.
Getting annoying popups or maybe something worse? While some malware threats are mostly annoying, others can be very dangerous, potentially stealing your personal information.
Blue Screen crash or "No Boot Device Found"? Let us get to the root of the issue and get your computer running again in no time.
We understand that losing your valuable files, pictures and data can be traumatic, which is why we offer several data recovery options.
Laptop not charging or powering up? Maybe your charger only works in certain positions? Bring your computer in and let us figure out the issue!

These guys are great! Simple pricing & an extremely fast turnaround. Thank you!

William Combs